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Better Living Products is proud to provide quality herbs and fruit powders to its Customers.† Our Flagship Kava Kava is milled from 100% organic lateral roots and MicronizedTM through our proprietary manufacturing process to yield a 100% pure Kava powder containing the highest natural kavalactones possible without any fillers or preservatives.† This Kava is Not an Extract so You get all the Synergy of Natural Kava traditionally used for hundreds of years without the worry of what has been chemically processed!† The net result is Instant KAVA powder milled fine† without any need for filtering ready for You to Enjoy and Relax!† Click on Pictures to the right to Learn More about this Amazing Herb that has been used by the people of the South Pacific for Centuries or Research Healthful Topics in our Directory of Related Links or Browse the Latest News on CAM.

Borojo Super-Fruit Powder and Other Fruit Products are Now Available.† Itís not from the South Pacific but this Energizer Fruit is well reported on in the South American Tropics as an dietary supplement high in protein, minerals and vitamins.† Natives use it to energize their lives† and to deliver a number of other diverse healthful effects just becoming recognized.† Click on Native Sun Herbs Borojo Link to Learn more about this† amazing natural energy booster.

Herbs and Spices have been a part of better living throughout the ages (click on picture to the right).† Check out Herbal Recipes and share your experiences by posting them to this siteís† Community Web Blog,† browse our Other Links (on the Left) to Order Products and learn more about us!

Bulk Orders, Affiliates and Partnering services are available for Resellers.† If you need exotic herbs, fruit powders, or contract work, Contact Us for quote or give us a call to discuss.





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